Regardless of whether this is your first time hiring a contractor or if you’ve hired a million, it’s important to have an upfront and honest conversation with any new contractor you are working with.

You may hate working with contractors or you may love them! Either way, they’re instrumental and invaluable to the construction/remodeling process. Through following a detailed, thorough hiring process, you’ll save yourself stress, time, money, and headaches as deadlines approach. Are you wondering how to be sure you’re hiring the best contractor possible? Wonder no more! We’ve got your answers.

The Basics

First off, there are three crucial steps that should happen before you hire a contractor — an onsite visit, a background check (be sure to let them know!), and an official interview. The onsite walk through should be of one of the contractor’s current projects so that you can see the process and the quality of their work. The background check will pull up any red flags like legal issues or bankruptcy, which are two things you should definitely be mindful of when weighing your hiring options.

As far as the official interview is concerned, we’ve put together a list of questions that contractors and employers should be on the same page about before committing to any project together.

Are you licensed and do you have insurance?

We highly advise that you do NOT hire any contractor that does not have an up-to-date license or at least average insurance coverage for his team. If there’s an accident, an insured contractor will end up protecting both you and them in the long run.

How long have you been running your own crew and how big is it?

The answer to these questions will give you a good idea of whether or not your deadlines can be realistically met. If the job is small and the team is small, no problem! But if you have a large job and a small team, they may not be able to meet an aggressive deadline.

Will you be using subcontractors?

This is common, so an affirmative answer shouldn’t worry you! However, you may want more details about how they choose their subcontractors and how they monitor the tasks assigned to the subcontractors.

How often and in what way do you communicate with your customers?

How often you want to communicate with your contractor is up to you and their availability. The communications expectations should be laid out clearly and immediately so that everyone can agree and schedule accordingly.

What is your clean-up process on the job site?

By asking the question this way, you avoid leading them and are more likely to get an honest answer about how often they clean up the job site and how thorough the clean-up job will be. There’s nothing more disappointing than to be excitedly walking through your new remodel only to feel disgusted.

How many projects are you currently working on?

This question will also give you a good idea of whether or not your deadline can be realistically met. You may want to pair this question with one about how many projects the contractor usually takes on at once and how he manages them appropriately.

As you can tell, each question is important in its own right. Many of these questions have the added benefit of answering more than what you’ve asked. We highly suggest that you bring these up in any contractor interview you may have coming up. They will help you get a bigger, fuller picture of exactly who you are hiring and the result you’ll be given at the end of your deadline.

Maven Construction

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