Construction companies need to be able to handle sizable projects. Large-scale projects can take copious amounts of planning and redesigning before any actual building takes place. When the building does start, you want to entrust a business that knows what they are doing. For example, you should be able to rest assured that your project will be completed on time and effectively by your remodeling contractors. We’ll be able to ensure that every piece of your project is up-to-code and completed safely.

So, what happens first when you initiate a build? First, a time schedule and budget needs to be factored in, construction needs to be overseen and managed, and unexpected issues need to be dealt with when they arise. Now, imagine a project in which the client is the state or federal government. Any time you conduct business with a federal or government institution, an extra layer of complexity can be added to the project. If you represent the government, and the construction contractor you’ve originally partnered with is inexperienced, you might end up facing delays and cost overruns.

Why Choose Us?

At Maven Construction, we have more than 15 years of industry experience. This time has prepared us for government contracts and every complexity that they entail. We’re aware of government quality assurance and control requirements. Our team here at Maven Construction is comprised of individuals qualified to perform the work needed to see your project completed successfully. As remodeling contractors, we hold an unparalleled safety record and have proven experience in bringing projects to completion on time and within budget.


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