When it comes to a construction project, details matter. Even the smallest detail has the potential to make big impacts on construction projects — and not for the better. Being able to look at the details of a construction project is extremely important. This process is known as preconstruction, and it’s primarily done to ensure everything goes smoothly for the construction itself. Without preconstruction services, the finished product may not be finished they way or in the time that you want it to.

At Maven Construction, more than 15 years of experience has shown us the necessity of a smooth process. By making smart decisions during the preconstruction phase, you can add extra layers of efficiency and lay the groundwork for successful project completion. During this process, our construction estimators can determine reliable pricing and determine if any constructability issues exist prior to breaking ground. By doing so, we can avoid a number of potential issues during construction itself and prevent your project from going over budget. Our team has the expertise needed to smoothly lead your project from estimate and design to the beginning of construction.

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